Welcome to Meghan's Craft Kits


These photos, videos and tips will help you with the activities in your first Craft Kit. 

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Salt Painting

To get the most out of this project, don't worry about the mess, or about the results of your work. This is all about the process! Get sticky and salty while creating a piece of art that's uniquely your own. Watch the video below to see our process.

TIP: If you overlap lines of glue, the wet watercolors will run together, which looks really cool. 


Felt Popsicle

We cut out the popsicle template, traced around it on the felt, then cut out the felt. But you can cut any popsicle shape you like to make your treat one-of-a-kind.


Confetti Popper

The trick to make your confetti fly: cut the confetti into teeny-tiny pieces and fill the tube only 1/3 full. Make sure the balloon is nice and tight around the cardboard tube. (9" balloons work, but 12" balloon are too big.)


Tissue Tassel Garland

Some crafts are just easier to show than tell. Watch the video below to see us in action! (This is the garland we made for the 4th of July. Yours will be rainbow colored!) 

This activity may be too tricky for younger kids to do alone. They'll love helping you cut the strips, thread the tissue poms, glue on the stars, and choose a place to hang the finished garland. 


How will you make your creations uniquely yours? We'd love to see! Please show us by tagging your pictures with @meghanscraftkits or #meghanscraftkits. Happy crafting!