Road Trip Busy Kit (3-8 yrs)

Road Trip Busy Kit (3-8 yrs)


Keep your kiddos calm and happy in the car with 15 unique games, mess-free crafts, and new sensory toys, including:

  • Color your own superhero mask

  • Play an educational card game that helps your child count, build words, make pictures, or practice reading

  • Get creative with a character coloring book and crayons

  • Do a puzzle

  • Build sculptures out of Dough

  • Open 10 surprise toys or craft materials throughout the trip. Each includes an activity prompt, such as: make an edible necklace; go fishing; tell a story with animals; make a rainbow mosaic; put on a puppet show.

Plus, enjoy fun activities for the family:

  • Road trip scavenger hunt

  • Car conversation topics to prompt silly and thoughtful discussions

  • Fun facts about cars and car travel

Designed for children ages 3-8. 

PARENT TIP: Bring a rimmed cookie sheet to use as a flat, secure surface for all your crafts and games in the car.

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