3-12 Monthly Kits (pre-paid gift)

3-12 Monthly Kits (pre-paid gift)

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“I absolutely love these boxes! My son's grandmother has been getting him them for a while! I bought them as gifts for people! My son and I both get excited when a box arrives! It helps create such wonderful memories!” —K. Carey, 2/20/19

“Had so much fun with my 4-year-old!! Thanks.” —Melissa Young, 1/8/19

“Just wanted to thank you for putting together a thoughtful and fun box. :) My granddaughter loved it! We love to do crafts together and I am always wondering what to do and this box made it so easy! The crafts were easy to put together and I was surprised by everything that was included in the box. I can tell that you took a lot of time putting it together. We were also happy with the recipes that were included. My daughter made the cookies and they were so good! Thank you again and we look forward to the March fun!” —Carla Carda and Jada, 2/12/19


Give the kids in your life creative, meaningful experiences instead of more stuff. Help them celebrate every day with crafts and games that last the whole month and memories that stay with their families throughout the year.

The recipient’s first kit will ship on the 1st of the month and arrive just 2-3 days after that. Each kit will come with everything needed for 3-4 themed crafts, a fun family game, easy snack recipes, coloring and activity pages, festive table settings, and educational guides to help kids learn about the history behind each holiday/theme. Designed for families with children ages 3-8.

These are the holidays/themes we’re celebrating in 2019:

  • Happy New Year (January)

  • Valentine's Day (February)

  • St. Patrick's Day (March)

  • Easter (April)

  • Cinco de Mayo (May)

  • National “Monkey Around” Day (June)

  • Independence Day (July)

  • Lemon Meringue Pie Day, Julia Child’s Birthday (August)

  • Johnny Appleseed Day (September)

  • Halloween (October)

  • Thanksgiving (November)

  • Christmas (December)

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