Party Favor Craft Kits (set of 12+ / choose your theme)

Party Favor Craft Kits (set of 12+ / choose your theme)

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This year, send the kids home with something meaningful and engaging to work on, not just junk! Personalized craft kits with each child’s name on the front of his her or bag make the perfect party favors. Each kit comes with all the materials needed for one craft, right down to the glue and scissors, plus super-simple instructions—and is only $8 per child. Must order 3 weeks before your party to receive your favors in time. 12 child minimum.

Choose from a variety of popular themes:


These party favors come with everything needed to design and decorate mermaid or merman crowns. The crowns are made from heavy card stock and feature notches so kids can adjust them to fit. The kits also include shell cutouts, glue, glitter, sequins, sparky ribbons, jewel stickers, and other fun embellishments.


These party favors come with everything needed to design and decorate unicorn masks made from durable card stock. Unicorn lovers will add eyelashes, ears, sparkly foam flowers and glittery horns, and secure their masks with soft, stretchy elastic.


With this party favor, kids will piece together paper cupcakes from a variety of bright, colorful cutouts, then decorate them with glitter glue (“frosting”), sequins (“sprinkles”), pom poms (“mix-ins”)—and of course top them with cherries and candles. They come with durable card stock “canvases” so kids can save their creations to use as decoration.


Party guests will decorate a pair of horseshoes, then play the classic game with a partner. Each party favor kit comes with two unfinished wooden horseshoes, an acrylic paint set, a durable paint brush, a dowel (the “stake”), simple craft instructions, and directions for how to play horseshoes.


These creative craft kits are perfect for kids who love to paint and experiment! They’re designed for Bubble Paint Art: Kids get to make their own bubble wands, make their own bubbles, and create a piece of art by blowing colorful bubbles onto canvases. Each kit includes a set of tempura paints, materials and instructions to make a special bubble wand, a small, premium canvas, and a bubble paint recipe card.


These classic craft kits let superheroes-in-training design their own superhero masks from a variety of fun materials. They come with a durable card stock mask (in different colors and shapes!), sparkly foam star stickers, glitter glue, and other bright embellishments for open-ended creativity and hours of pretend play afterward.


With this craft kit, kids will assemble boxes from super sturdy card stock, then decorate them with paper and glittery foam pieces inspired by the movie. Each kit also comes with paper ghost cutouts, so when the traps are dry, kids can take them on a ghost hunt and pretend to trap ghosts inside!


These craft kits come with everything guests need to create a pair of delicious-looking (yet sugar-free!) felt popsicles for pretend play. They’ll cut out the felt shapes, glue them together, then decorate them with bright, sparkly “toppings” ranging from colorful pom poms, to glitter glue, to shiny sequins.

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