Labor Day Boogie Kit

Labor Day Boogie Kit

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Honor American workers and all their achievements with a Labor Day Boogie Kit! Make three colorful crafts that celebrate community helpers and the start of a new school year. Plus, learn why we recognize Labor Day, give badges to the hard workers in your neighborhood, play a fun family game, and help your kids think about what they want to be when they grow up. This Holiday Kit even comes with a festive place setting and healthy snack recipes to help you celebrate as you play.


  • Build a dump truck

  • Paint an apple for a teacher

  • Craft a back-to-school picture frame


  • Labor Day plate, napkin and straw


  • Traffic Cop Game

  • Give awards to community helpers


  • Fun facts about Labor Day

  • After-school snack recipes

  • Coloring and activity pages

With every Craft Kit you buy, we donate one to a child in foster care. Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Labor Day Craft Kits ship on Monday, August 27.

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Craft Kits for two children come with extra materials for each craft, a second place setting, and a second set of coloring and activity pages.