Airplane Busy Kit (18-36 mos / supervised play)

Airplane Busy Kit (18-36 mos / supervised play)


Boogie Momsters are saying:

“Very nice! Looking forward to using it on an upcoming trip!” —Sola Ajala, 11/19/18

“The box is better than I would have imagined! The games are so funny and there are many ideas to spend some time with a toddler in a plane. Would highly recommend!” —Magali P, 1/23/19

“As a working mom in a professional job, it is hard for me to find the time to do it all. Your craft kits and airplane busy boxes help me be the mom I want to be to my kids!! The girls are so excited for our flight because of the busy boxes! And they saved me so much time researching on Pinterest, running around to places to grab stuff to keep them busy and organizing it all.” —Heather Walker, 8/27/18


Product Description:

Keep your kiddo calm and happy with 18 games that have been tried and tested by moms who have flown across the country and endured long road trips with toddlers in tow—many times over. Along with all the materials, this Busy Kit includes an 8-page booklet with a bunch of lighthearted tips and fun ideas to try.

INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: Large board book; 8 non-toxic crayons + coloring sheet; mega blocks; 1 bag Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies; materials for parents to make a paper hand puppet; dot stickers + construction paper for color and counting practice; non-toxic Play-Doh; plastic toy tweezers for fine-motor activities; 4 fuzzy pipe cleaners; fabric bag + large foam stickers; manipulative sensory slinky; long dress-up necklace; 2 plastic eggs for hide-and-seek games; long plastic straws + hole-punched card stock; Post-It notes for fine-motor games; magnetic science activity (wand + durable plastic bottle filled with paperclips, with lid glued on for safety); large spinning top; fun flight facts for parents; 8-page pamphlet with ideas to encourage fine motor development and pretend play, boost vocabulary, and more

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This kit is a tool for parents, NOT a toy. Some of the items in this kit are not toys and should not be left alone with your child. The materials are meant to be used ONLY as directed and with undivided adult supervision.

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