Airplane Busy Kit (10-12 mos)

Airplane Busy Kit (10-12 mos)


On long flights, keep your baby busy with his or her favorite textures and colors, new plush toys, board books, organic snacks, buttons to push, and more. Along with all the materials and toys, this Busy Kit includes an 8-page booklet with 18 fun games to play and ideas to try with your little traveler.


  • 2 board books

  • 2 Happy Baby Organic gentle teething wafers

  • BPA-free rattle

  • Soft stuffed animal

  • Chunky crayons + coloring sheet

  • Working calculator 

  • Play-Doh

  • Foam blocks

  • Jingle ball

  • Felt, cardboard tube, and dry rice to craft a "rain maker" for your baby

  • Materials to play a variety of simple games (i.e., sparkly hat for pretend-play, Post-It notes for a fun fine-motor game, materials to make a paper puppet, feathers and other textured objects for sensory exploration, etc.) 

The materials in this kit are intended to be used only as directed and with undivided adult supervision.

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