Airplane Busy Kit (3-8 yrs) V2

Airplane Busy Kit (3-8 yrs) V2


If you've tried our original Airplane Busy Kit and are looking for more fun for another flight, this all-new box is for you! It features 18 more crafts, games, and activities to keep your kiddo calm and happy from take-off to landing.

New activities include:

  • Make a peaceful pinwheel

  • Make a super sun-catcher

  • Make beaded jewelry

  • Design 2 scratch-it postcards

  • Design a colorful crown

  • Color your own superhero puzzle

  • Solve a brilliant brain teaser

  • Pay a curious card game

  • Decorate your box + 2 exclusive coloring pages

  • Play Blow Fish

  • Play Avocado Face Race

  • Play Pick-Up Sticks

  • Play Connect 4

  • Do an easy crossword

  • Learn fun facts about your family

  • Learn airplane trivia

  • Create a stickly statue

  • Manipulate stretchy slime

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