Airplane Busy Kit (2-8 yrs)

Airplane Busy Kit (2-8 yrs)


Keep your kids calm and happy from takeoff to landing with 15 unique games, mess-free crafts, and new sensory toys, including*:

  • Decorate a special carry-on bag

  • Play an educational card game

  • Get creative with stickers, a coloring book and crayons

  • Work on a puzzle

  • Build with Play-Doh

  • Plus, open 10 more surprise toys and craft materials throughout the flight. Each comes with an activity prompt (for example: make an edible necklace; go fishing; tell a story with dinosaurs; make a tissue-paper rainbow)

And get the whole family in on these fun interactive games:

  • Airplane scavenger hunt and coloring page

  • Mile-High Topics to prompt silly and thoughtful conversations

  • Fun facts about airplanes to read and learn together

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Several months ago, my in-laws had a genius idea: Maui for Thanksgiving! But we wondered how in the world we would travel on a 6-hour nonstop flight with our 4-year-old daughter who has SOO much energy! I saw an Instagram post for Meghan’s Airplane Busy Kit, and it sounded like the perfect solution to our problem. The night before our big flight, I opened the box to show Tori what was inside. She could not contain her excitement and begged to open “just one egg” before we took off. I had several moms stop as they walked to their seats asking where I got "that amazing treasure box." Flight attendants complimented Tori on her gorgeous Fruit Loop necklace! The amount of activity and variety that was in this box was on another level. I cannot tell any parent enough how amazing this box was for our family! Thank you Meghan for taking all of the guess work and prep work out of preparing for our trip. —Naquel VanLant