3 Holiday Boogie Kits (pre-paid gift)

3 Holiday Boogie Kits (pre-paid gift)

from 90.00

Give the kids in your life creative, meaningful experiences instead of more stuff. Help them celebrate holidays with crafts and games that last the whole month and memories that stay with their families throughout the year.

With this pre-paid gift, the recipient will receive Holiday Boogie Kits for the next three holidays. The kits will ship on the 1st of the month and arrive at the doorstep just 2-3 days after that. These are the holidays we celebrate throughout the year:

  • Happy New Year / MLK Day (January)

  • Valentine's Day (February)

  • St. Patrick's Day (March)

  • Easter (March-April)

  • Mother’s Day / May Day (May)

  • Father’s Day / Summer (June)

  • 4th of July (July)

  • Surprise theme! (August)

  • Labor Day / Back to School (September)

  • Halloween (October)

  • Thanksgiving (November)

  • Christmas (December)

This subscription does not auto-renew. If you purchase now, your first kit will be Christmas-themed and ship on 12/1.

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