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These Kits are AWESOME!!!

I purchased a 3-month subscription and my girls (ages 4 and 7) are always so excited to see the special craft box arrive in the mail! We enjoy the creative and fun crafts, games and recipes, but especially the family time we get to spend together working on each craft kit! Thank you for making crafts fun and easy for everyone and for your generous donations to children in Foster Care! —Kelly Pfeifer

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You are making a difference in my life and the lives of my children!

As a working mom in a professional job, it is hard for me to find the time to do it all. Your craft kits and airplane busy boxes help me be the mom I want to be to my kids!! The girls are so excited for our flight because of the busy boxes! And they saved me so much time researching on Pinterest, running around to places to grab stuff to keep them busy and organizing it all. My daughter Lauren is beyond excited for her first craft kit to arrive! Crafts are her life! She loves doing them and this lets us enjoy them together without the stress of trying to plan. I am so thankful I found your page on Instagram!!! —Heather Walker

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We LOVE the craft kits!

They are extremely well thought out and complete.  I love that the instructions are easy to follow, that the projects are adaptable to different age ranges for the kids and that so many projects are included in each kit.  I love spending the time with my girls while we put each craft together. They have loved each kit we have gotten. —Jami Costello

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The box is better than I would have imagined!

The games are so funny and there are many ideas to spend some time with a toddler in a plane. Would highly recommend! —Magali P

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Thanks for making me a Super Mom!

—Maijken Gillihan

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She woke me up at 6:30am asking for her Craft Kit.

From the moment we got home last night, Elodie wanted to do her Craft Kit. Then she woke up crying in the middle of the night, and I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I want to do my Craft Kit." THEN literally the first thing she said this morning was, "I had a good sleep. Now I want to do my Craft Kit." Haha. She is OBSESSED! —Liz Denfeld

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Craft + Boogie to the rescue!

I’m a working mom and don’t have the time to plan crafts and activities for my 2.5 year old to do when we are home together. My daughter LOVES doing the crafts and it’s so nice to have everything right there including directions! The kits make me feel like a good mom. ;-) —Katie Eubanks

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So cool!

My eight-year old said this nearly eight times as she opened up her July 4th Kit. Soon after, our dining room table was a celebratory explosion of red, white and blue. Madi pieced together ribbons, tissue paper and confetti for a collage as I blew up balloons and hung the streamer of stars in our living room. Thanks, Meghan, for putting an entire holiday in a box! We absolutely loved it and are looking forward to the next one. —Amie Champagne

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The amount of activity and variety in this box is on another level.

Several months ago, my in-laws had a genius idea: Maui for Thanksgiving! But we wondered how in the world we would travel on a 6-hour nonstop flight with our 4-year-old daughter who has SOO much energy! I saw an Instagram post for Meghan’s Airplane Busy Kit, and it sounded like the perfect solution to our problem. The night before our big flight, I opened the box to show Tori what was inside. She could not contain her excitement and begged to open “just one egg” before we took off. I had several moms stop as they walked to their seats asking where I got "that amazing treasure box." Flight attendants complimented Tori on her gorgeous Fruit Loop necklace! The amount of activity and variety that was in this box was on another level. I cannot tell any parent enough how amazing this box was for our family! Thank you Meghan for taking all of the guess work and prep work out of preparing for our trip. —Naquel VanLant

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It has everything you wish you'd thought to buy two weeks ago.

It's a good mom in a box! —Stephanie Davies


This box kept her busy for two hours!

On the second leg of the flight, I pulled out my hidden Airplane Busy Kit. We made a bracelet, played with Play-Doh, started a rainbow, and did a small scavenger hunt. We still have tons to do for the flight back. Thanks again, Craft + Boogie! —Valerie Munoz

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What a difference one person can make.

Meghan and her red-headed gang stopped by With Love, with armloads of craft kits, to be included in deliveries to foster families. Craft + Boogie puts together holiday-themed craft and activity kits for kids and their families. The kits are imaginative and high-quality and will provide a wonderful activity to allow parent and child to bond and have fun. Thank you, Meghan! —With Love,


My niece loved it!

Thank you for the custom Superhero Craft Kit! I couldn't wait to take it on vacation with us. My niece loved it! It's such a super easy and stress-free way to have some fun activities we can enjoy together. Thank you! —Mollie Willis


I opened it up ahead of time and quickly realized I could take it on vacation with us.

We purchased a Holiday Kit and then decided to go out of town for the week! The box had enough structure to travel with it without any hassle, and to protect finished projects on our return. The crafts were as mess and noise-free as expected. My 2.5-year-old got to do one each morning during her brother’s nap. So fun! Can’t wait for more! —Deena Jouihan


Love love love the airplane kits!

They kept my toddlers busy on our 15+ hour travel day AND they are still keeping them busy on our trip! I was feeling guilty for not packing many toys but it turns out we don't even need them. —Devon Hanst

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