Earth Day Crafts

Feeling stuck? Use these photos as a guide for the crafts in your Earth Day Craft Kit. 

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TP Tube Peacock

Create the feathers first, then add them to the peacock only after the glue has dried. Make sure to use plenty of glue to keep them in place. (Note: this peacock was made with a blue paper body and white paper eyes instead of paint.)


Spring Flower Painting

With your recycled cork, paint purple hyacinths, yellow primroses, and any other flowers you like. Wipe the paint off the cork and brushes when you're done so you can use them again and again.


Windowsill Garden

This one is easy! Just plant, water, and watch your seeds sprout. Keep your egg carton in a sunny indoor location away from any pets or babies who may try to play with it.  


How will you make your Earth Day creations uniquely yours? We'd love to see! Please show us by tagging your pictures with @meghanscraftkits. Happy crafting!