Trash for Peace x Meghan's Craft Kits

Meghan’s Craft Kits partners with local nonprofit Trash for Peace to provide crafts and activities made from all recycled materials.

Portland, Oregon: To celebrate Earth Day, Meghan’s Craft Kits has teamed up with Trash for Peace, a Portland nonprofit dedicated to sustainability education, to provide Craft Kits made from nearly all recycled materials. Each Kit includes two games and three crafts that utilize leftover egg cartons, recycled corks, toilet-paper tubes, wooden paintbrushes, and post-consumer recycled paper—inside a recycled box. The Kits also teach kids how to recycle their paint, how to reuse their cardboard box by turning it into a labyrinth, and how to reduce their family’s carbon footprint with simple, everyday tips.

Trash for Peace will use the creative Craft Kits as prizes at their community events, in their after-school programs, and to help raise money for their nonprofit.

About Meghan's Craft Kits, LLC: Meghan's Craft Kits delivers boxes of family-oriented crafts, games and décor for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. It was founded in July 2017 by Meghan McCloskey, a local mother of three. For every Craft Kit McCloskey sells, she also donates one to a child in foster care through her partnership with With Love, a Portland-based foster care resource.

About Trash for Peace: Trash for Peace provides hands-on, creative experiences that encourage resilient communities. Their vision is empowered, healthy communities living in a world without waste. Learn more at

Meghan McCloskey