Creative New Business Gives to Kids in Need

Meghan's Craft Kits provides Portland foster children with crafts and activities that encourage family bonding.

Portland, Oregon: Since September, Meghan's Craft Kits has provided 140 local foster children with creative craft and activity kits that encourage family bonding and enable a healthy outlet for expression. The new business, founded by Meghan McCloskey, a Portland mother of three, sells boxes of holiday- and birthday-themed crafts, games and decorations inspired by McCloskey's favorite family traditions. For every box sold, McCloskey donates one to a child in need.

"Moms were telling me stories about their kids bouncing out of bed at 6:30am asking to play with these craft kits. I think kids feel special when they get to spend such creative and quality time with their parents," McCloskey says. "Then one day I thought, foster kids should have more opportunities to feel that way. They need it more than anyone."

McCloskey raises money for foster kids' craft kits through online sales, donations, and events such as family craft workshops. Before each holiday, she delivers the kits to With Love, a Portland foster care resource, which distributes them to local families.

Each holiday Craft Kit McCloskey sells includes:

  • 3 crafts

  • 1-2 family games

  • Paper decorations

  • Coloring and activity pages

  • Fun facts about the holiday

  • Snack recipes kids can follow

About Meghan's Craft Kits, LLC: Meghan's Craft Kits delivers boxes of family-oriented crafts, games and décor for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. It was founded in July 2017 by Meghan McCloskey, who also works at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton. The business has sold 100+ Craft Kits to families across the U.S. and even to families in France and Australia.

Meghan McCloskey