Mother's Day Crafts

Feeling stuck? Use these photos as a guide for the crafts in your Mother's Day Craft Kit—and make sure to read the helpful tips, too. 

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"I Love You" Daffodils

Instead of writing in the center of each petal, write closer to the outer edges. That way, none of the words will get covered when you glue on the cupcake liner. If your flowers will be from more than one person, write "We love you" instead of "I love you."


Photo Frame

Waiting for the glue to dry is the hardest part! Here's a trick: After you glue the popsicle sticks together, clip clothes pins on three of the corners to hold them in place as the glue dries. Now you can start wrapping the yarn on the fourth corner without worrying about the frame falling apart.


Cherry-Pop Blossom Tree

Use lots of glue to hold that popcorn in place! And don't leave your artwork out overnight if you have cats or dogs in the house. (The popcorn is just too tempting for them to resist. We learned that the hard way.)


Watercolor Banner

This is open-ended art. Use your watercolors and glitter however you like. Then thread and hang on Mother's Day!


How will you make your Mother's Day creations uniquely yours? We'd love to see! Please show us by tagging your pictures with @meghanscraftkits. Happy crafting!