St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Feeling stuck? Use these photos as a guide for the crafts in your St. Patrick's Day Craft Kit. 

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Leprechaun mask

The only tricky part is figuring out how to put the hat together. Arrange the green, black, and yellow paper shapes to look like this.


Shamrock bouquet

This craft is easy, as long as you make the holes in the flowers the right size. Don't use anything too big, such as scissors, or the flowers might not stay on the pipe cleaners. A toothpick or skewer will work best.


Leprechaun trap

When you're building up the walls of the box, there should be a small space between each stick. The "hinge"—1 loose stick—will prop up the lid. No need to attach the lid with glue. 


Clover banner

Simply stamp, let dry, hang and admire!


How will you make your St. Patty's Day creations uniquely yours? We'd love to see! Please show us by tagging your pictures with @meghanscraftkits. Happy crafting!