Busy Kits for Special Occasions

Make any day a special occasion with these creative Busy Kits. They're designed for those moments when you need something new and exciting to keep your kids or grandkids entertained—on the ground or 30,000 feet in the air.

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Airplane Busy Kits

There's only so much you can stuff into a child-size backpack to keep your kiddo busy on a long flight. These neatly packaged Busy Kits feature games, activities and surprises that are sure to have the whole family smiling from takeoff to landing.


Wedding Day Busy Kits

Each box is gift-wrapped to help little ones feel extra-special and welcome at your wedding, and customized with their names on the front. The wrapped boxes look great at kids' place settings. Inside are nine quiet, mess-free activities to keep kids calm and happy from the ceremony through the cake-cutting.