Easter Crafts

Feeling stuck? Use these photos as a guide for the crafts in your Easter Craft Kit. 

Meghan's Craft Kits_icons-21.png

Bunny ears

Wrap the pipe cleaners around the headband so the color doesn't show. Position the ears however you want. Decide whether they should be close together, far apart, or flopped over. Then put them on and hop around like a bunny!


Easter egg painting

This is open-ended art, so paint your egg however you'd like! Use the pom-poms and clothes pins as paint brushes and get creative.


Fluffy chick

The more tissue paper you use, the fluffier your chick will look. Don't forget to write your name on the back and display it somewhere for the whole family to enjoy.


Bunny banner

Mix and match the colors of bunnies and tails for a fun look. Then thread, hang and admire!


How will you make your Easter creations uniquely yours? We'd love to see! Please show us by tagging your pictures with @meghanscraftkits. Happy crafting!