What can you make from a cardboard box?

I come from a tree-hugging Pacific Northwest family. As a child, my parents wouldn’t allow any paper or plastic in the trash. They’d pound on the bathroom door after I’d been in the shower too long. And instead of a swear jar, we had a lights-left-on-in-empty-rooms jar. The dishwasher and washing machine had to be completely full before running them, otherwise we’d waste water and energy.

At the time, it was totally annoying. But I’m so thankful now that my parents engrained this responsibility to our environment in me, because that’s what I’m doing for my children today. They’re the ones who will truly feel the impact of our past generations’ actions.

On that note, we'd love for you not to cram your Craft + Boogie box into the trash or recycling bin. Instead, use it to make something magical! Here are nine of our favorite ideas to get you started—plus an up-cycled creation of our own. 

These look just like the ones you can buy at any home décor store—but they’re a fraction of the cost! Plus, they allow little ones to get creative. Encourage your kiddos to help with the design of their names or initials, then display them in their bedrooms. Get the tutorial here.

Make this awesome ship in an hour or less, without any messy papier-mâché or paints. Get the tutorial here.

Transform your cardboard box into a playhouse for puppets. Create scenes using scraps of paper, paint, markers and glue, then put on an unforgettable performance for your audience! Get the tutorial here.

This is one of those projects that’s just as fun for adults as it is for kids. (I’d use this in my office, for sure!) Get the tutorial here.

Work with your children to build a beautiful vase, then take a walk to pick flowers to put inside. Get the tutorial here.

Is there a kid on this planet who doesn’t love putt putt? In between games at the mini golf course, practice at home with DIY stations like these. (If you have enough cardboard, you could even make an entire course!) Source.

A glue gun, colorful craft sticks, and an X-ACTO knife are all you need to make a labyrinth for your marbles. And if you don’t have marbles, make a ball out of aluminum foil. It’ll work just the same. Get the tutorial here

Time to get organized! But your kids don’t need to know that. Let them help you cut, glue, and design colorful totes to store their coloring books or small toys. Get the tutorial here.

Experience the magic of the Big Top! You’ll need a variety of recycled materials—including an egg carton and a paper towel tube—plus colorful paints, beads, and pom-poms. But your kids will continue playing with these well after the crafting is done. Get the tutorial here.


Last week, when we were getting the house ready for my son’s big birthday dinner, we found FIVE of my kids’ old Craft + Boogie Kits with leftover materials inside. We cut and colored one of the boxes, then hot-glued all the leftover materials on it to make it look like a cake—ta-da! We found the perfect festive centerpiece for our dining table and didn’t even have to go to the store. And it was a piece of cake to make.

The beads and curling ribbon are from the kids’ New Year Kit. Ribbon is from their Valentine’s Day Kit. The feathers are from their Thanksgiving Kit. The paper straws are from all the kits! And the pom-poms and pipe cleaners are from my daughter’s Birthday Boogie Kit.

What can you make from the leftover materials in your Craft + Boogie Kits?