Super Dad Puppet

Super Dad.jpeg

We hear the term “Super Mom” a lot, but what about “Super Dad”? It’s time we recognize dads for all they do, too. The dads who parent and don’t just babysit. The dads who work hard, play hard, coach the teams, change the diapers, read the bedtime stories, get up with Mom for the late-night feedings, play the board games, and give all the love and praise. Those dads are super. Here’s a special craft to show him you think so.


  • colored jumbo popsicle sticks

  • construction paper

  • googly eyes

  • glue

  • scissors

  • silver star confetti (optional)


  1. Cut 1 triangle and 1 small rectangle from a sheet of construction paper.

  2. Glue a triangle (the “cape”) to a popsicle stick, and glue a rectangle (the “mask”) to the other side of the stick.

  3. Glue two googly eyes on top of the mask. Add stars to the cape.

  4. Use your favorite marker to give your Super Dad a smile, then give it to Dad on Father’s Day! Make sure to tell your dad how super he is.

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