Sticker Resist Finger Painting


Have you thought about what you’ll be making Dad this year? This finger painting project is so easy, even the littlest hands can do it!

Go grab a canvas, a sheet of stickers, and a 4-pack of finger paints from your local Dollar Tree (yup, you’ll be spending just $3 to make this beauty). Let your littles place the stickers on the canvas and paint all around them. We made this “Dad” sticker on our Silhouette Cameo, but you could use any stickers you like! Simple star stickers would be fun along with a card that went something like: “Dad, you’re out of this world!” or “Dad, I love you to the stars and back!” When the paint dries, peel off the stickers to reveal your masterpiece.

We made this last year and it’s still hanging in our living room for my husband to look at every day!


  • canvas

  • 3-4 finger paint colors

  • stickers


  1. Carefully peel off the stickers from the backing and place them on the canvas. Press firmly around the edges.

  2. Use your finger paints to cover the entire canvas, outlining the sticker.

  3. Set aside to dry. When the paint has dried completely, carefully remove the sticker from the canvas.

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