Flaming Grill and Skewer Set


My boys’ favorite activity is grilling and chilling with my husband on the back deck. But sometimes it’s soooo hard for them to wait for Daddy to get home from work and start up that barbecue! So the other day we decided not to wait—we made our own flaming charcoal grill from the stuff in our craft cabinet and roasted pretend marshmallows. (And no one got confused and ate the cotton ball “marshmallow”!) It was glorious. Follow the steps below to make your own!


  • Paper bowl

  • 4 wooden dowels

  • 1 rubber band

  • black paint

  • paintbrush

  • foil

  • red, orange, and yellow tissue paper squares

  • liquid glue

  • scissors

  • 1 cotton ball


  1. Poke 3 holes in the underside of the bowl, near the center.

  2. Paint the entire bowl and 3 dowels black. Set aside to dry.

  3. Once dry, push 1 dowel through each hole to give the look of a charcoal grill. Inside the bowl, tie dowels together with the rubber band. This should allow the grill to stand on its own.

  4. Lightly crumple the foil and cover the inside of the bowl with it. Secure it to the bowl with dabs of glue.

  5. Lightly crumple the tissue paper squares and glue them to the foil to create the look of fire.

  6. Place the cotton ball (or, if you use your imagination, the “marshmallow”) on the last dowel. Now roast your marshmallow over the open fire.

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