Paper Bunny Hat


We like to end our arts and crafts sessions with good old-fashioned exercise. Sometimes that means running up and down the hall wearing our crafts on our heads and yelling.

If you think your kiddos won’t sit still for crafts because they have too much amazing energy, give it another try! The key is to plan a short session at the table and break it up with bits of physical activity. Find a craft that you can use for pretend play afterward, like this hat! We also love making puppets, masks, and other dress-up items. My boys were so excited about their bunny hats that they didn’t even wait for the glue to dry before playing!


  • White card stock

  • Tape or a stapler

  • Pink construction paper

  • Black construction paper

  • An assortment of pom-poms

  • White pipe cleaners

  • Scissors

  • Craft glue


  1. Cut a piece of white card stock in half, hot dog style. Lay the two white strips flat on your work surface.

  2. Cut out two black circles and glue them to the center of one paper strip, as shown in the photo. Next, cut out two smaller white circles and glue them on the black paper circles, as shown.

  3. From another piece of white card stock, cut out two large ears and tape or glue them to the back of the paper strip featuring the eyes.

  4. From the pink card stock, cut out two smaller ear shapes and tape or glue them to the white ears, as shown.

  5. Glue on the pom-poms and pipe-cleaner whiskers. (We used hot glue for the whiskers and Elmer’s craft glue for everything else.)

  6. Tape or staple the white paper strips together to form a circular hat.

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