Rainbow Mosaics


We’ve had rainy, windy, cold weather for days, which means lots of time indoors. Yesterday, the kids played happily all morning, but after lunchtime their games got rowdy and a few tears were shed. They needed a calm activity to settle down and reset. I made each kiddo their own little art station with everything they needed to make a rainbow mosaic—and a bowl of popcorn for good measure. After a few minutes of quiet, calm creativity, their troubles vanished and their giggles returned! They were focused on this for a good 30 minutes, and when they got up to play again, they were happy and relaxed and loving life.

Guys, this is the power of arts and crafts right here! Because open-ended art like this can have the same calming effects as screen-time, we never even think to turn on the TV. Stock up on construction paper and glue sticks and you may never need screens again!


Just cut or tear rainbow-colored construction paper into small squares. Draw a rainbow shape with pencil on another piece of construction paper or card stock, and have your little ones glue the squares inside the lines. My son wanted to add a pot of gold to his rainbow, so I drew a pot on heavy card stock and asked him to trace around it on black construction paper. He then cut around his outline and glued the pot to his rainbow paper. Finally, we hot-glued the coins to make sure they’d stick.

Happy crafting.png