St. Patrick's Day Bath

Green bath

The Witching Hour: that time in the early evening when the whole house seems to fall under a spell. Dinner needs to be made, the baby needs to go to bed, the toddler is throwing a tantrum in the corner because you won't let him open the blazing oven, the pre-schooler needs help cutting out 500 tiny paper hearts—and then your sister calls and wants to FaceTime. If you’re a new mom, it's when the exhaustion from last night's 1am and 4am feedings sets in but there's no time to rest so you choose either coffee or wine to fuel you till bath time. Thank goodness for bath time! Those happy squeals, those big sighs coming from full bellies... Bath time always breaks the spell.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we do green baths—whether it’s Witching Hour or not. Just pop in some color-changing bath tablets or bath fizz and you’ve got yourself a good 30 minutes of happy playtime. Cheers, mama!