Paper Plate Birthday Crown

I love birthdays because they remind me how fast time passes—and how important it is to slow down and appreciate every minute. This paper plate birthday crown is one of my favorite birthday crafts because it’s easy, open-ended, and provides hours of pretend play when it’s done and dry.


  • 1 white paper plate

  • scissors

  • crayons or markers

  • glue

  • pom-poms

  • buttons

  • sequins

  • paint + paint brush

  • glitter glue


  1. Lightly fold your paper plate in half. Starting at the center fold, make 4 cuts of equal length, stopping about an inch before the edge of the plate.

  2. Unfold your plate. Pop up the triangular pieces so they stand up straight and create the look of a crown.

  3. Use crayons, markers and/or paint to color the plate any way you like.

  4. Decorate your crown by gluing pom-poms, buttons and other embellishments to it. Set aside to dry.

  5. When your crown is dry, place it on your head and wear it proudly—you’re a prince or princess for the day!