"Stained Glass" Sun Catcher

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we like to stick our “stained glass” crafts where the sun don’t shine—which means on absolutely any window between the months of December and March. The skies are gray, but even just a hint of light through the clouds can catch these colors and brighten up a room!


  • Colored construction paper or cardstock

  • Con-Tact paper

  • Colorful tissue paper squares

  • Scissors


  1. Cut out the outline of a shape from construction paper or cardstock. We cut out a winter hat and a jellyfish.

  2. Cut the Con-Tact paper into two pieces of equal size. Peel off the backing of one piece of Con-Tact paper. Lay paper flat on your work surface, sticky side up.

  3. Stick your paper shape outline to the Con-Tact paper.

  4. Fill in the shape by sticking tissue squares to the Con-Tact paper.

  5. Peel off the backing of the second piece of Con-Tact paper and lay it over the top of the first piece, so the artwork is sandwiched between the sticky sides.

  6. Cut around the outline.

  7. Tape your sun catcher to a window and notice how the tissue looks like stained glass. Your art will brighten up any room!

Happy crafting.png