Cardboard Birthday Cake

We’re having a big family dinner to celebrate Maddox’s 5th birthday tonight and are a little light on decorations. As we were cleaning the house to get ready for the party, we found five of my kids’ old Craft + Boogie Kits with leftover materials inside. We cut and colored one of the boxes, then hot-glued all the leftover materials on it to make it look like a cake—ta-da! We found the perfect centerpiece and didn’t even have to go to the store. And it was a piece of cake to make.

The beads and curling ribbon are from the kids’ New Year Kit. Ribbon is from their Valentine’s Day Kit. The feathers are from their Thanksgiving Kit. The paper straws are from all the kits. And the pom-poms and pipe cleaners are from Evie’s Birthday Boogie Kit!

What can you make from the leftover materials in your Boogie Kits?

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