Foam Heart Fish + Resolution Update



This is my favorite resolution for 2019: I’ve decided to accept every single invitation to play. When my kids ask me to play a game of Hungry Hippos or join their tea party or make a fish out of foam hearts, I’ll say yes—no matter what. Even if I’m in the middle of making dinner, or in the middle of sweeping the crumbs from the dinner we just finished. Even if dinner is already running excruciatingly late (as it usually is) because there are baths to give and homework to check and brotherly arguments to break up before we can sit down to eat. Even then, I’ll stop and say yes.

Have you ever played Hungry Hippos? It takes about 1 minute to finish a game. A piece of pretend pie takes 10 seconds to gobble up. Most books take 5 minutes to read. As a working mom, those moments I spend with my kids are so much more important than the ones I spend cooking, cleaning, or working at the end of the day. They’re precious! They’re the moments my kids will remember. And if dinner starts a few minute late because we’re busy making memories, so what? I think I’d prefer it that way.

I suppose this is more of an experiment than a resolution. I’m sure there are times I’ll have to say no. But the times I said yes today were so, so good. I did a puzzle with my daughter. I stopped and read a book in the middle of the kitchen floor with my 2-year-old. And I jogged next to my 4-year-old as he rode his bike—he beamed the whole time. We also made these foam fish.

I can’t wait to see where this takes us in February!

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