Sponge-paint an apple for a teacher


Bring your apple to your teacher and say thank you for helping you learn! If you don’t have a school teacher, give your apple to a parent, a sibling, or anyone else who helps you learn something new every day.

White paper plate
Red paint
Green tissue paper
Clothes pin
Cotton balls or white pom-poms
Dried black beans or raisins
Liquid glue

1. Pour a couple dollops of paint onto the plate. Dab with your sponge to create a fun textured look. Repeat until the plate is covered. Set aside to dry. 
2. When the plate dries, glue the cotton balls to the center of it. This will be the apple core.
3. Glue the dried beans (the “apple seeds”) to the cotton balls.
4. Twist the tissue paper to give the look of a leaf, then secure it to the plate with the clothes pin (the “apple stem”).

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