DIY play tacos

Tacos are everything in our family right now! The kids have been playing in their cardboard taco truck, reading Dragons Love Tacos—and the sequel—every night before bed, and asking for tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jeff and I even let them serve us REAL tacos out of their food truck last weekend! But we don’t really want to do that again (it was fun, but so messy!), so I made them pretend tacos to serve us instead.

You can make these with your kiddos, too! They’re so easy! They’re just paper plates folded in half and painted light brown. (If you don’t have paint, have your kids color them with crayon or marker instead.) We stuffed the insides with tissue paper and yellow crinkly paper to look like veggies and cheese. (If you don’t have crinkly paper, cut strips of tissue paper, construction paper or felt. Pssssst—you can get a big bag of crinkly paper at Dollar Tree.) Then we crumpled up a brown paper sack and stuck it in there to look like meat! Finally, we stapled the sides shut to hold everything together. Easy, quick, mess-free, tasty tacos!