Our star spangled breakfast

Who’s excited about America turning 242 years old? This is what my little firecrackers saw the morning of July 4th as they raced down the hall from their bedrooms to the kitchen. 

This year, instead of cards or presents, I set out a bunch of craft supplies for them to make something to wear in the parade. Evie designed a crazy hat, and Maddox made a pair of handle-bar decorations for his bike. They’re loving open-ended crafts right now! Also, holiday breakfasts are basically my favorite thing in the universe.

And now it's two days after the 4th and I still can’t bring myself to take down this adorable party balloon from Target. (I found it in the dollar section!) Also it’s taped on with extra-strong packing tape and I’m afraid it will pop and the paint will rip off the door when I do it. So it’s just gonna hang out here for a while longer. Every day is a reason to party, right?