Sink your teeth into Shark Week 2018!

Get your chompers ready—Shark Week is back again on July 22! This year, we’re going to make a day of it with shark-themed crafts, games and recipes the whole family will enjoy. Or maybe host a few of our kids’ friends for a fun (and educational!) night in. Here are some of our favorite Shark Week party ideas, plus a FREE printable we made for you and all our fish-loving friends. Happy Shark Week!

How fun would it be to kick off a shark-themed afternoon or evening with these sweet sandwiches? We love how easy they are—there’s no cutting tiny shark teeth or fins out of the bread (I’m still not sure how to do that without ruining the sandwich!). You just use oranges for the fins and tails, bananas and olives for the eyes, something green for the ocean floor, and Cheerios for bubbles. They’re almost too adorable to eat! Get the full recipe here.

For dessert, make sweet and savory popcorn using white chocolate chips, sprinkles, M&Ms, and Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish crackers. This is so quick, simple, and delicious, the kids will love to help! Get the full recipe here.

Help your shark-loving littles make their own puppets to play with while they watch. Get the tutorial and printable here.

When you need a break from the show, play this matching game that reflects on what you learned. The player who draws the special Shark Week card gets to tell everyone his favorite shark fact! Get the FREE printable here.

This project is more time-consuming than the others, but your kids will get so much playtime from the finished product. When you’re done painting, punching, and gluing, take your kids and their binoculars on a shark hunt! Get the tutorial here.

If your kids are like mine, they’ve got random shark books hidden in their bookshelves. Pull them out for Shark Week and let your kids flip through them as they watch the show. If they lose interest in the TV, read the books together and make one of these darling shark bookmarks. (Have you seen a less scary shark in your life?) Get the tutorial here.

My 4-year-old son is ALL ABOUT this game right now. He learned it in one of his soccer classes and tried to teach it to me. From his instructions, I thought it was just a simple game of tag, but after reading about it I realize there’s so much more to it! Regardless, it’s super fun, and a great way to stretch your legs and get moving before, during, or after the show. Learn how to play here.