Fireworks salt painting

My daughter and I had so much fun with this process-art project. We popped a bowl of popcorn and chatted at length about school and books and softball and unicorns vs. pegasuses—all while watching our pretty watercolors travel over the salt. And even though these projects aren’t really about the end result, we sure do love the way the salt sparkles when it’s dry—kinda like fireworks at night.

TIP: To contain the mess, place your card stock on a rimmed cookie sheet. And don’t worry too much about the results of your work—this is all about the process.


  • black paper

  • glue pen

  • salt

  • watercolors

  • paintbrush

  • water


  1. With your glue pen, design a fireworks display on the paper. Cover the entire page! (Save a tiny bit of glue for your Red, White & Glue Garland.)

  2. Pour salt over the glue. Shake off the excess salt, then sprinkle it over the glue again so the glue is completely covered.

  3. With your paintbrush, add many drops of water to each paint color. You want the paint to be SUPER wet and runny. 

  4. Now use your brush to drip paint onto the salted glue. How does the color travel? What happens when you mix the colors? 

  5. When your artwork dries, see how the salt sparkles—just like fireworks at night! 

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