Craft kits for 100 foster families

This week, 9 adults and 3 kids came together to assemble Craft Kits for 100 Oregon children in foster care. It was the first time kiddos joined us, and it was so much fun to see them in action! They were just as helpful and excited as the adults.

We call these Packing Parties because they truly are parties! We have snacks, music, and refreshments before we get to work. Last summer, we started with just a few friends and family members, and now we have a long list of volunteers. We set up stations throughout my tiny house—on the floor, at the kitchen table, at the dining room table, and even outside—to get all the work done. These parties really are so much fun and I look forward to them every month!

But to be honest, I am totally naive when it comes to children in foster care. I have no idea what it feels like to be ripped out of my home, away from my parents, and put somewhere new and unknown. I don’t even know whether these kids are up for crafts and games in such a difficult time. But I hope our boxes can bring smiles on days smiles are needed. And perhaps help these kids realize that there are lots of people in this world who care about them—even people they've never met.

_J6A0670 (1).jpg

The Craft Kits we assembled include all the materials and inspiration for two summer-themed crafts, water balloons, a list of water-balloon games to try, and a pair of summer tattoos.