How art benefits your child's development


Arts and crafts are not only tons of fun, but also incredibly beneficial in the development of young children. A great deal of research has been completed on the topic. Read on to learn which developmental muscles your kids will flex through arts and crafts!  

Motor Skills

Holding tools like crayons and paint brushes requires your children to use and refine their fine motor skills. From learning to properly hold a pencil to precisely using a pair of scissors, art will exercise and strengthen the dexterity kids need for things like tying their shoes and handwriting.

Verbal Communication 

Even before they can speak, children can understand ideas presented visually. Talking with your children about their artwork and the creative process behind it is an excellent way of building their vocabulary (learning words for colors and shapes, for example). 

Problem Solving

While this may not seem as obvious, art actually enhances a child's problem-solving skills. Artists are constantly trying to find better ways to create  their masterpieces, working through various steps and processes to reach a solution, or a final visual. Art teaches children that problems, like pieces of art, can have more than one answer.

Decision Making

Art teaches children the valuable lesson that actions have consequences. Too much paint on the brush? You won’t get the stroke that you thought you would on the paper. This decision-making process may help kids make good choices in other areas of their lives. 

Credits: PBS.Org, Huffington Post, National Institute of Health