Melted crayon art

Teacher Appreciation Week is here! There are so many ways to show love for a favorite teacher, but melted crayon art is one of our favorites because it's easy, cheap, and beautiful with all that color. You probably have everything you need for this project in your child's art cabinet right now. (In other words, if you've completely forgotten about Teacher Appreciate Week until now, don't sweat. There's no need to race to the store for supplies tonight!) Here's how to make this for your favorite teacher or staff member.

A bunch of crayons
Hot glue or strong craft glue
Card stock or canvas

1. Cover your work surface with newspaper or an old sheet. And make sure you're wearing something that's okay to get messy.
2. Sort your crayons in the color order you like. Glue them to the top of your canvas.
3. Prop up the canvas. Use your hairdryer to heat the crayons. Point it downward so the wax drips down the page.
4. After your artwork dries, write a note to your teacher on the page. Then give it to him or her during Teacher Appreciation Week!

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