8 simple ways to spoil Mom on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming! How do you like to spend it? All I ever want is to sleep in and get a couple homemade, hand-scribbled cards.

A couple years ago, Jeff and the kids made me a Mother's Day breakfast and it ended in all five of us eating pancakes together in our seemingly tiny queen-size bed. Every Mother's Day since then, the kids have asked for a pancake feast in our bed—and I'm perfectly okay with that. There really is nothing sweeter. (Or stickier.) 

If a family breakfast in bed isn't your thing (I don't blame you), here are 8 more simple, loving ways to spoil the mom in your life on May 13th:

  1. Let her sleep in
  2. Make her favorite breakfast 
  3. Complete her least favorite chore
  4. Plan a walk or hike, bringing her favorite snack along
  5. Plant her favorite flower and make it a yearly tradition
  6. Print out a family photo and give it to her in a lovely frame
  7. Plan a time to volunteer for her favorite charity
  8. Handwrite her a letter, telling her what you love most about her