How to catch a leprechaun


Last year we set a leprechaun trap but didn’t catch a leprechaun. We know we were close—the little man left glitter everywhere. And when we noticed the sparkly green toilet water, we decided he must have escaped through the toilet!

This year we won’t make the same mistakes. We’re setting an even BETTER trap, with bright colors and shiny gold to attract the little guy. When he goes in for the bait, the hinge will fall, the lid will close, and we will have trapped a leprechaun! Of course, we won’t keep him. Leprechauns are free spirits, and if they’re held captive for too long, their luck will run out and they’ll wilt!


7 tips for catching a leprechaun

1. Go outside to look. Leprechauns are known to burrow underground in a secret network of caves.

2. Listen closely. They love music and might be heard playing the fiddle or the Irish harp, especially at night.

3. If you spot one, look him in the eye. According to fairy law, Leprechauns must be courteous. But if you look away, they are freed from the laws and likely to vanish.

4. Build a trap. Sprinkle it with glitter and other shiny decorations. Four-leaf clovers and rainbows may also attract them.

5. Put a gold coin inside your trap for bait. Leprechauns live in the wild and eat nuts and mushrooms, so you could put food inside, too. 

6. Once you catch a leprechaun, beware of the tricks he'll play! He'll give you three wishes and a gold coin. But leprechauns are smart and devious, so he might try to trick you into making the wrong wishes. Don’t trust him!

7. Leprechauns watch the golden treasure left by Danish people who invaded Ireland more than 1,000 years ago. According to fairy law, the leprechaun will have to tell you where the gold is hidden.