Paint a Leaf Mobile


Paint, paintbrush, yarn, string, bead, 8 stemmed leaves, 2 twigs.


  1. Take a walk through your neighborhood. Gather 8 stemmed leaves of different shapes and sizes, and 2 twigs of equal size.

  2. Paint your leaves and twigs. Set aside to dry.

  3. Once dry, arrange the twigs in an “x” shape. Work with a grown-up to secure the twigs by wrapping a little yarn around the intersection, then knotting it.

  4. Cut the remaining yarn into four equal pieces. Tie the end of each piece to the end of a twig.

  5. Pull each piece of yarn through the bead. (This can be tricky, but we promise it’ll work! If you have trouble, try wetting and twisting the end of the yarn.)

  6. Arrange the bead so the twigs hang evenly. Tie a knot above the bead, as shown in the photos.

  7. Use string to hang leaves, then hang your mobile!