Make a Mayflower Gratitude Boat

Design and decorate a boat from an empty egg carton, get creative with paper flags and straws, and place the boat in the middle of your dining room table. Throughout the month, write down things you’re thankful for and put the strips of paper in your Gratitude Boat. On Thanksgiving, take turns pulling out the papers and reading the gratitudes aloud to your family. What are you thankful for?


Egg carton, paints, paint brush, glitter glue, 2 paper straws, hole-punched white paper rectangles, colorful paper strips.


  1. Use your imaginations to paint the egg carton any way you like. Decorate with glitter glue. Set aside to dry completely.

  2. Insert straws through the holes in the hole-punched white paper flags.

  3. When your egg carton is dry, place straws in the holes of the egg carton. To help your straws stand up straight and stay sturdy, you can stick them in small balls of Play-Doh!

  4. Set your Mayflower in the center of your dining table. Throughout the month, have your family write the things they’re thankful for on the colorful paper strips and place them inside your Mayflower. On Thanksgiving, take turns pulling the papers and reading the “gratitudes” aloud to the family.