Witch finger pretzels (and how to save overheated chocolate)


You wouldn’t know it from the photo, but I royally screwed up these witch fingers—and then saved them. I didn’t use a double boiler and heated the first batch of chocolate too quickly, so the chocolate got hard and chunky. I tried heating the next batch in the microwave at 50% power, but for some reason that didn’t work either (agh!). The frustrating part was I’d done it successfully a bazillion times before!

I turned to Google, where I quickly discovered how to save my chocolate. Apparently you can either add oil or boiling water, little by little, to make it smooth again. I was skeptical. I added oil to the first ruined batch and water to the second. Both methods worked!

Once the white chocolate was smooth and silky again, I dyed it green with food coloring, dipped the pretzels one by one, and added an almond sliver to the end of each pretzel to give the look of a jagged fingernail.

The Halloween treats had been saved—and they were delicious!