Pumpkin bug craft for toddlers

Last week I needed a quick, quiet activity for four kids ages 2-4, so I turned to the oldest toddler-art tricks in the book: tissue paper + glue; and pipe cleaners + beads. We didn’t know exactly what we were making until my 4-year-old asked to cut out jack-o-lantern eyes and a mouth. After all the pipe cleaners + beads were threaded (that kept these kids busy for 30 minutes!), their art quickly took on the look of pumpkins with antennae. :)

You could do this just as easily with construction paper instead of tissue paper squares. Just ask your little ones to tear the paper and glue it to the paper plate. (Make sure you don’t turn your back on your two-year-old when he’s holding the glue stick because, you know, toddlers like to eat stuff that’s not food.)