Melted crayon pumpkins


I asked my mother-in-law to make some decorations for our Crafty Halloween Party, and she and the kids went all out with this melted crayon art! At first she was discouraged that their pumpkins didn’t turn out just like the ones she saw on Pinterest, but I’m loving how drippy and spooky they are. I’m also loving the fact that she found a way to get rid of TONS of our old broken crayons.

She and the kids hot-glued the crayons to the pumpkins, then stuck the pumpkins in cardboard boxes and used a hairdryer to melt the wax. They tested a variety of brands—everything from Crayola to Red Robin—but the Crayola colors turned out best, by far. There was a whole lotta splatter when they turned on the hairdryer, so definitely dry these in a cardboard box, if you can!