The sweetest little bus frame

Beep beep! Today's the first day back to school for many kids in Portland, and across the country! School pictures aren't for a couple weeks, but once I get them, you can bet I'll be putting them in this adorable school bus photo frame my daughter made this summer. 

Here's how you and your kiddo can craft your own. 

3 large craft sticks
5 small craft sticks
Clear, quick-drying craft glue
Yellow paint
2 foam circles
2 paper circles
2 buttons
1 jewel or sequin

1. Paint both sides of each craft stick and set aside to dry. 
2. Glue the 3 large craft sticks together horizontally, as shown in the photo. Then glue 4 of the small craft sticks to the large craft sticks vertically, and evenly spaced, as shown.
3. Flip your school bus over. Glue the last small craft stick to the top of the others to give the look of a bus. 
4. Add the "wheels" (foam circles, white circles, then buttons) and the "headlight" (a jewel or sequin). 
5. When your bus is dry, tape 3 pictures in the windows!