These monsters rock!

Although I have two boys, I haven't really considered myself a "boy mom" until now. With my girly-girl off at kindergarten, today was my first day (ever!) home with JUST the boys. Doing ONLY boy things! We tumbled and tickled and made loud, scary monster noises and played with cars. The monster noises led to all this rock painting and decorating. This afternoon we hid our rock monsters in weird places around the house to scare people. (That part wasn't even my idea.) Conclusion: boys are awesome.

When Jeff got home, we each chose the rock monster that we thought best represented us. It was hilarious to see what everyone chose! And even more fun was getting to choose monsters for each other. Laugh attacks all around that time.

These guys were so easy to make! And my 3-year-old absolutely loved everything about the project, from collecting and washing the rocks, to painting them bight colors, to gluing on the eyeballs. This was a spur-of-the-moment idea, so we used paint, glue and eyeballs we already had at home. The rocks we gathered from our yard. We used satin acrylic paint, Monster Googly Eyes from Dollar Tree (60 for $1!), quick-drying craft glue, and a Sharpie for the eyebrows and mouths.

Now it's your turn. Ready? Go!