Put a new spin on a classic toy

With just a snap of your fingers, you can send a top spinning into a delightful dance. It’s simple to spin, easy to carry around in your pocket, and even more fun to watch. Not to mention cheap. No wonder it's one of the world's oldest and most popular toys! My kids are fascinated by its balance and centrifugal force. (For me, the best part is it has no batteries, no screens, and makes no noise.)

Here are some fun games you and your kiddos can play next time you get a spinning top in a party favor bag.

1. If you're playing outside, place little pebbles or sticks in the top's path and see what happens as the top dances among them. Does it send things flying?

2. Make your own spinning tops from acorns. If your backyard is anything like mine this time of year, it's covered in acorns. (If not, you may be able to spot some on the ground as you stroll through your neighborhood. They fall from Oak trees in late summer and early fall.) Find a few acorns with stems, paint them pretty colors, and see if you can spin them like you would a top!

3. Have a competition. Who can spin his or her top the longest?

4. Play letter, number, or sight-word recognition. Place a large sheet of paper on the floor with different letters, words or numbers written on it. Spin your top. Have your child call out the letter, word or number the top lands on. Once the top stops spinning and falls over, have your child call out another.

Have fun! 

Meghan McCloskeyGames