Best Daddy Ever. Hands Down.

It doesn't need to be Father's Day or his birthday to show the number-one guy in your life how awesome he is. Help your children make these super-cute awards for Daddy to wear proudly or display in his office. 

Small paper plate
Blue construction paper
Tape or glue
Black marker or pen
Washable non-toxic paint
Embellishments such as stickers, glitter, jewels, etc.
Safety pin

1. Cut the construction paper to look like two ribbons, as shown in the photo.
2. Write the date and your child's name or a special message on the ribbons.
3. Tape or glue the ribbons to the back of the plate.
4. Around the edge of the plate, write "Best Daddy Ever. Hands down." Save plenty of room for your child's handprint.
5. Cover your child's hand with paint, then press her palm and fingers to the center of the plate to make the handprint.
6. After the handprint dries, have your child decorate the plate with stickers or other embellishments.
7. Add a safety pin to the top of the plate so Daddy can wear his first-place ribbon with pride!

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