10 Water Balloon Games You Have to Try

My kiddos love water, and they love balloons, so this summer we're breaking out the water balloons for some good old-fashioned fun. If your kids are like mine and would not appreciate a traditional water-balloon fight (having objects thrown at them is not their favorite), here are 10 fun and easy games to try instead. 

1. Hot Potato! Sit in a circle and pass around a water balloon while music is playing. At random, turn off the music. Whoever is holding the water balloon, or whoever pops it, is out! Last one left in the game is the winner.

2. Water Balloon Toss. Toss a balloon back and forth with your child. How long can you go, and how far can away from each other can you get, before dropping and popping it?

3. Number Target Practice. Combine number recognition review and water balloons for a fun, easy and educational summer game. Just use sidewalk chalk to draw circles with numbers inside them and have the kids roll their balloons across the sidewalk. Ask them to tell you what number the balloons land on. You could easily do this with sight words, letter recognition and math problems, too!

4. Water Balloon YoYo. Cut a rubber band in half and attach it to the water balloon. Have the kids yo-yo the balloons up and down until they pop!

5. Fill 'er up! Do your kids love playing with the hose as much as mine do? Let them try to fill up their water balloons with the hose. Who can make the biggest balloon without popping it?

6. Balloon Roll. The one who can roll it farthest without popping it is the winner!

7. Water Balloon Tag. Whoever is “it” carries the water balloon. If you get hit and the balloon breaks—tag! You’re it!

8. How Far Can You Go? See who can throw their water balloon farthest. The kid who gets it farthest without popping it wins!

9. Water Balloon Spoon Races. Use a plastic serving spoon or a wooden spoon for this simple summer game. 

10. Water Balloon Relay Race. Set out one chair for each team and place a water balloon in the seat. Players take turns running to the chair and sitting on the balloon until it pops. After they pop the balloon, they run and tag the next player. (You will need to put a new balloon on the seat after each one is popped.) The first team to pop all their balloons and cross the finish line wins.