Felt Popsicles (Fat Free, Sugar Free!)

The kids asked to eat popsicles today, and when we looked in the freezer and saw we had none, we did the next best thing: made them out of felt! I also filled paper cups with sparkling apple cider and stuck those in the freezer—because I wasn't getting off that easy. (Those kids wanted real popsicles!) 

While we waited for our real popsicles to freeze, we got to work on our pretend ones. It was so fun and easy for both my three-year-old and five-year-old! 

Jumbo craft sticks
Pom poms
Craft glue
Glitter glue
Kids' craft scissors

1. Draw the outline of a popsicle on two felt pieces. Cut it out with your craft scissors. 
2. Let the kids go crazy with pom poms, glitter, jewels, glue, and anything else you can find in your craft box! Have them decorate two felt cutouts however they like.
3. Let the felt pieces dry for at least 1-2 hours.
4. Glue the felt pieces together, with a single wooden craft stick sandwiched in the middle, to give the look of a popsicle.

Meghan McCloskeyCrafts